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SV metal offers a large-scale range of industrial services

Our services are used by customers from a variety of industrial branches. Our customer can be everyone who is in need of fabricating any whole products or their parts from the sheet metal, at a low cost rate, with high precision, in short runs, and supplied in the shortest possible time.

Simultaneously, our customers can also be those who need solutions on existing production, and who require adaptable problem solving on his machinery for sheet metal products.

We conceive and verify in practice any operating procedures, technologies, machines and equipments as used to accelerate, reduce price and improve a quality of sheet metalworking.

Since we are specialized in complete deliveries, we are also able to ensure total productive runs of assemblies including purchasing parts and supplying in any surface finish.

Our products are delivered in 1 to 4 weeks delivery terms as pre-agreed with the customer and based on the ordered volume, the transportation as well as the purchase of material and services.

Our services are characterized by rapidity, quality, adaptability, low prices and all-inclusiveness of solutions which we offer.

Partly, our customers are based in the Czech Republic, about 40% of our production volume is exported to the EU countries (Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland , France, Belgium, Austria, Great Britain, Sweden), USA and China.

Processing the quotation always anticipates any fabricating. In order to finalize the quotation it is necessary to know basic information data about the order, namely:

  • drawing documentation of demanded parts (we prefer the e-mail-communicated electronic documentation as supported by following formats: dwg (Autocad), dxf, pdf (Acrobat Reader), jpg, tiff
  • data about the production batch volume (customer-ordered estimated quantity and the annual batch)
  • data about the material, surface finish methods, eventually purchased parts

We send the offers within 1 to 5 working days depending on the number of drawings and the order complexity. In case of any large scale projects, the offering process can be extended up to 2 weeks.




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