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Engineering Design and Development

We have established the design and development department since we are focused on technologically more sophisticated and demanding products. In order to fabricate them we have to develop special machines that are related to the technology of cutting and processing the sheet metal.

First task of this department consists in providing the sheet metal working units with technical assistance. In case of an incomplete drawing documentation or when we have available only a rough layout of the product, one has to prepare an accurate drawing documentation for the incoming production. Our design department creates this documentation based on your fundamental design.

Further we offer model or solution, construction, design and preparation of the drawing documentation for a new product as inline with your specification.

The main working core of our design and development department consists of co-operation with the most demanding production designs with proposals for specific solutions as well as the machine construction and development.

Ranged among our successful designs is namely the SB 1 columnar grinding machine as distributed under the Trumpf Ecogrind name within the worldwide distribution network of the Trumpf Company, and the LSC 6010 hydraulic assembly press. We collaborate on the development of vending machines. Concerning the engineering design and development sphere, we offer a vast experience of our design engineers with fabricating the machines, and we are competent and skilled enough to conceive and propose a valuable technical solution according to a customer's concept.

Reengineering of machines

The engineering design and development department also offers services concerning the reengineering of machines. A classical instance of this activity consists in reengineering our own product - a cigarette vending machine. We have succeeded to lower its manufacturing costs about 50% whilst preserving the same parameters of the first version. We have achieved such a significant decrease of manufacturing costs through a change in production technology of some parts, by means of redesigning the components to extend the machine functionality, by removal of any redundant parts and through the simplification of internal mechanisms of the machine as well as due to finding out cheaper subsuppliers of purchased components.

What we offer is an individualized solution according to your needs starting from the machine study, continuing through the draft designs for modifying the construction of parts and a change in production technologies so as to find a cheaper solution, through the procurement of suitable subsuppliers for the delivery of parts, and further co-operation with the prototype production shop by fabricating a new machine, its testing and the final batch production at our assembling units.

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